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1. Introduction

  This document (together with all other documents mentioned below) sets out the terms and conditions for the use of the website and the purchase of products through this website (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). The customer should read these terms before using the website. When you use this website or place an order through the website, you, our valued Customer, accept, declare and undertake that you expressly consent to be subject to these conditions. If the customer does not accept all the Terms, he should not use the website. These Terms are subject to change. It is the Customer's responsibility to read them regularly and the terms in force when the Customer uses the website or creates the Agreement (as described below) will apply to the Customer. 



 Goods sales made through this website, Bozkurt Mah. Baruthane Cad No4/C in Şişli/Istanbul  It is carried out by Elif Karacan Ay, a Turkish sole proprietorship registered in Şişli Tax Office, under the name You can reach on our mobile phone number 05534126041. 



 In order for the customer to purchase the product they want, they must share their personal information. The information or personal data you share with is processed in accordance with the Data Privacy Policy. When the customer uses the website, he confirms that all the information he shared with Vintemod is true and correct, and is deemed to have accepted the processing of this information and personal data. In case the Customer clearly declares his interest to, may inform the Customer about the latest collections, catalogues, campaigns and special offers by mail, e-mail and/or SMS. 



 By using the website and/or placing any order through the website; Customer; 1. to use the website only for legitimate requests or orders, 2. not to make unrealistic, unfounded or fake orders; When has a reasonable opinion that such an order has been made, Vintemod has the right to cancel the order and inform the relevant authorities,  3. It accepts, declares and undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date e-mail, postal and/or other contact information to and, if necessary, that may use this information to communicate with the Customer. (See Data Privacy Policy). In cases where the Customer does not provide with all the information needed to complete the order, may not complete the order. When the customer places an order via the website, he/she confirms that he/she has completed at least 18 years of age and is legally able to enter into a contract with the power of appeal. 



 The products presented on this website are only suitable for delivery within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.



  To place an order, the customer must follow the online purchase process and click "Confirm Payment". After doing this, the Customer will receive an email confirming receipt of the order ("Order Confirmation"). In a second subsequent e-mail, the Customer is notified that the order has been accepted and is being shipped ("Delivery Confirmation"). If such approval is not provided to the Customer by Vintemod, the Agreement is deemed not established. 



  All orders are subject to availability. In the event of a supply shortage or when the product is no longer in stock, Vintemod reserves the right to inform the Customer about substitute products of similar or different category and value that they may order. If the Customer does not want to order replacement products, Vintemod will refund the amount you paid for the unwanted replacement product to the Customer. 



 Vintemod reserves the right to withdraw any product from the website and/or remove or correct any material or content on the website. Although will use all reasonable efforts to process all orders submitted to it, it always reserves the right to refuse to fulfill or confirm the order in case of unusual circumstances after receiving an order or sending the Order Confirmation to the Customer. Vintemod shall not be liable to the Customer or any third party for withdrawing any product from the website, removing or correcting any material or content, or refusing to fulfill or approve the order after receiving or sending the Order Confirmation.



Vintemod, depending on stock availability (see item 7 above) and unless there is an unusual situation, will place orders for the products listed in the Delivery Confirmation until the delivery date specified in the Delivery Confirmation, and orders without an estimated delivery date from the Order Confirmation date. thirty) delivers within 30 days. If the supply of products is delayed due to a situation beyond Vintemod's control, Vintemod; It informs the Customer of the situation as soon as possible and takes measures to minimize the effect of the delay. Vintemod is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond its control. However, when there is a very serious risk of delay, the Customer may contact Vintemod to terminate the Agreement and receive a refund for the products paid for but not received by the Customer. No deliveries are made on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. 



As long as the Customer accepts the delivery with the courier/cargo company determined by Vintemod, all benefits and damages regarding the products shall be Vintemod's responsibility until the Delivery. The ownership of the products passes to the Customer as of the delivery of the said product to the Customer or the person at the delivery address. (transfer of ownership) 



  The price of the products is as determined on the website. Although Vintemod does its best to ensure that all prices on its website are correct, errors can occur in this regard. In case of an error in the price of the products ordered by the Customer, Vintemod informs the Customer as soon as possible and offers the Customer the options to confirm the order at the correct price or cancel the order. If Vintemod cannot reach the Customer, the amount paid for the products will be returned to the Customer by accepting the order as cancelled. Vintemod products shall not be under any obligation to complete the sale transaction (even after sending Delivery Confirmation to the Customer) at an incorrect (lower than normal) price to the Customer, if the pricing error is obvious and certain and the product price registered on the website can be clearly found to be an incorrect price. The prices on the website include VAT and taxes, but do not include the delivery fee and this fee will be added to the total amount as stated in the Shopping Guide to determine the total order price. Prices are subject to change at any time, but price changes will not affect orders in cases where an Order Confirmation is sent to the Customer (except as stated above). For this reason, it is not allowed to adjust prices for previous orders (except as stated above). When the customer completes the shopping, all the products they want to buy are added to the shopping cart, the next step is to finalize the order and checkout. In order to do this, the Customer must follow the steps of the purchasing process, complete or confirm the information requested at each step. In addition, the Customer may make changes to the order details during the purchasing process, prior to the payment process. After the order is completed and before the payment is confirmed by the Customer, the basic characteristics of the purchased product, the total price of the product including all taxes, In cases where there is a right of withdrawal, the conditions, duration, procedure of the use of this right and information about the carrier that the seller envisages for the return or exceptional withdrawal. In cases where the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised, information regarding the Customer's right of withdrawal or the conditions under which he will lose his right of withdrawal is presented to the attention of the Customer in the form of an order summary. There are detailed explanations about the purchasing process in the Shopping Guide. In addition, if the Customer is a registered user, the details of all orders belonging to the Customer can be accessed in the "My Account" section. Payments are made via credit cards and debit cards using the payment methods shown on the website and applications. Customer's credit card information is encrypted in order to prevent unauthorized access. When Vintemod receives the Customer's order, an authorization is requested on the Customer's card to confirm that there is sufficient available limit to complete the transaction. The collection for the payment will be made by Vintemod at the time the order is confirmed. When the customer clicks the "Payment Confirmation" button, he/she is deemed to have verified and confirmed that he/she is the owner of the credit card used. Credit cards are subject to verifications and authorizations by the card issuer; however, if the Customer's card issuer does not authorize Vintemod to pay, Vintemod will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and will not be able to complete the Agreement. 



  An invoice is issued and sent to the Customer with the delivered products at the latest. Vintemod reserves the right to apply other methods in accordance with the e-invoice/e-archive legislation regarding the invoice. 



  There is also the feature of purchasing products without being a member on the website. In such a purchase, only the information necessary for the processing of the order is requested from the Customer. Once the customer completes the purchasing process, they are given the option to register as a user or continue as a user without registration. 



In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, all sales transactions made through the website are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), excluding the applicable final exemptions, which are subject to the Customer's approval. 




You can send and change the products you want to return to our address within 3 working days following the day you receive your order. 

Your refund shipments as soons as arrive to us, the amount will be sent to your same credit card or bank account in 7 days.

Your exchange shipments are only accepted with "Surat Cargo". The shipping fee of your exchange shipments belongs to the "sender". The shipment must be sent via Surat Cargo using the address “Elif Karacan Ay/Şişli İstanbul” and after making the payment. We do not accept any responsibility for products sent with different shippers. In the product you have purchased; You can request a change, provided that the product has not lost its resellability and has not been used. If the products to be exchanged are reduced below the order amount or if all products are returned, the campaign will be canceled and a 20 Turkish lira shipping fee will be deducted from the products to be returned. The exchange of accessories and glasses products is not accepted. In cases where any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, tearing, use and similar conditions are detected in the purchased product and the products are not returned as they were when they were delivered to the customer, the product will not be returned and no exchange will be made. After checking the compliance of the products you request for exchange with the exchange conditions, the products you choose will be sent to your address as soon as possible according to the accepted exchange requests.

If the product or products to be exchanged is not selected, a gift voucher equal to the product price is given to the customer and must be used within 2 months.




In addition to the Customer's legal rights regarding defective products, Vintemod offers the following contractual right. If the customer thinks that the product is faulty during delivery, he/she should create the request from the Exchange section or contact Vintemod at 05534126041 regarding the product defect. The customer should deliver the product to the above-mentioned address by the courier determined by Vintemod with the invoice given with the product at the time of delivery. Vintemod will examine the returned product in detail and, within a reasonable time, send a notification to the Customer by e-mail regarding the right to exchange the product (if any). As a customary practice, it is done as soon as possible and in any case, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date Vintemod notifies the Customer that the Customer has the right to replace the defective product via e-mail. In case of any defect or damage caused by Vintemod in the products sold, the shipping fee belongs to Vintemod during the exchange process. This provision shall not prejudice your statutory rights.

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